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Big data performance management

Big data performance management    SAP IQ is suitable as a column-based database system for the analysis of big data. It is less expensive than the in-memory solution SAP HANA.

The importance of big data performance management lies in the rightly chosen optimization.Big Data is currently one of the most important trends in IT. However, the phenomenon of large amounts of data has always existed. However, the definition of this has been adapted over time as computing power has increased. When we talk about large data volumes today, we are talking about data records in the petabyte range (one million gigabytes).

Big data performance management

SAP relies primarily on the SAP HANA in-memory database to handle large amounts of data. This database processes the data directly in the server's working memory (RAM) and not on external hard disks or flash memories. If you go to https://www.enteros.com/ you can see other options for use, as well as other articles on the subject. The result is faster access to the data, as it no longer needs to be reloaded or written back. When the database is started, SAP HANA loads the entire dataset from the hard disk to the memory (not just the cache) so that no data has to be reloaded during operation. This simplifies the access algorithms and increases the performance of the application.

In recent years, more and more companies have been relying on the SAP approach. Nowadays, a data volume of one terabyte no longer appears large. Even if it is technically possible (petabyte cluster for SAP HANA), very few application scenarios justify the cost of keeping petabyte-sized data in the RAM of HANA systems.

SAP IQ as alternative to HANA

SAP's Big Data strategy focuses on SAP HANA. But when it comes to managing and analyzing really large amounts of data, the company shifts operations to SAP Sybase IQ (recently renamed SAP IQ) or Hadoop cluster (via Hive) - both technologies are used to store and analyze large amounts of data and are significantly more cost-effective. In this case, it appears that the data is stored on HANA, but in fact it is stored on SAP IQ or Hive systems.

Big data performance managementSAP IQ, as a relational column-based database system, is also suitable independently of HANA for analyzing large amounts of data for Business Intelligence (BI), data warehousing and report generation. The system loads and indexes data at high speed, offers direct access to structured data (for example, data sets) and unstructured data (such as e-mails, documents and multimedia files) and detailed data analysis.

The strategy of managing Big Data on databases specifically optimized for analysis promises companies a balance between speed and cost. They should therefore always keep up to date in order to achieve an effective balance.