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Sqliteman in action!What's Sqliteman? The best developer's and/or admin's GUI tool for Sqlite3 in the world. No joking here (or just a bit only) - it contains the most complete feature set of all tools available. Get more informations in the About section.

Petr Vanek

Sqliteman 1.2.0 is out now

Sqliteman is real multiplatform software - it's reported to be run on Linux, MS Windows, MacOS, *BSD and more natively.

1.2.0 approaches after ten months of development, testing,
and using the previously released 1.0.x and SVN snapshot
versions. I'd like to send a big kudo to all people
involved in this era. You know who you are.

Sourceforge.net contains only the source code and Windows/Mac
binaries. Packaging of Sqliteman for your distribution is on
your software vendor. But there are some packages prepared
for you already (see below).

Windows Big Fat Note: Setup package will install Sqliteman
into system via installer. Plain zip file can be unpacked
anywhere and run without any installation.

Another Note for MS Windows users: I do not use MS Windows
extensively. If you are facing with any problem let me know
to get it working.

And what about future?

The development won't stop. Maybe it will be slower a little
bit now just because Sqliteman can handle what I need from
this software. Anyway there are some plans how to improve
it more.

You can speed up your requests with your patches or e.g. technical
(hardware/software) or financial support. See Support Development.


  • full ALTER TABLE support (by step-by-step scripting)
  • extended Preferences for SQL Editor, Data Viewer and application startup
  • database PRAGMAs handling
  • implemented so called Table Populator (create testing data)
  • data export/import
  • complete user documentation
  • BLOBs handling: load/save/show size
  • real NULL values handling
  • extended direct tables content editation
Look and Feel:
  • new professionally designed icon
  • ability to integrate with KDE4 themes
  • updated translations
  • bugfixes
  • internal SQL parser is rewritten (merged with TOra code)
  • new SQL text editor (QScintilla based one)
  • Sqliteman can be used with Qt 4.2.x but the 4.3.x or later is stronlgy recomended.

Version 1.1svn: ready for public testing

Sqliteman 1.1 is in the feature freeze phase from today (changelog). How does it impact you? You have testing releases available. See binary release for windows and source code. OpenSUSE users can use prepared RPM packages.

Any valuable feedback is welcomed. Now you can spot and change things to make it better.

And the bug tracking system is available for you too.

See all the pending tasks for final release.

Fedora Core updates

Fedora Core users should update Sqliteman 1.0.1 rpm packages taken from Build Service repository as soon as possible. Older rpm packages contained installation bug which prevented displaying of icons, help files, and translations in the user interface. It's fixed now -- in sqliteman-1.0.1-17.1.i386.rpm and/or later.

See more informations from the backstage.

Release 1.0.1

After weeks of using by hundreds of developers here comes Sqliteman 1.0.1 — the bugfix release of the stable version of this software.

What's new:
  • fixed various wrong selecting SQL statements in the editor
  • fixed bug with relative path handling (../../../foo.db
    was taken as /foo.db in some cases)
  • fixed accel collision in the "Recents" menu
  • fixed bug #84 cosmetic: vertical space for table fields when
    doubleclicking table in table tree. It's done by workaround.
    Upstream bug report for Trolltech filled.
  • fixed: text editor content is not cleared before opening a new file
  • various translation fixes
  • fixed #79 showing trigger, bad scroll bar behavior
  • fixed #75 Table tree not updated after ALTER TABLE statement in editor
It's strongly recomended to update your installations.

Project move

Well, due the technical limits at the Sourceforge.net and Assembla.com, Sqliteman has been moved on brand new server.

It does not mean that these services are not used anymore. It's just taken the best of them. Sourceforge is still used for downloading due its brilliant mirroring policy. And Assembla holds subversion repository with the full history.

So the main reason of this move was the fully configurable bugtracker and shell server access to simplify backups and similar boring things.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish – we will eat them more.

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