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Sqliteman in action!What's Sqliteman? The best developer's and/or admin's GUI tool for Sqlite3 in the world. No joking here (or just a bit only) - it contains the most complete feature set of all tools available. Get more informations in the About section.

Sqliteman 1.0 release

This is the first stable version of this brilliant
software. Well, the development continues in the
"devel" branch. See the feature request and bugs to be informed.

Sqliteman can be used with Qt 4.2.x but the 4.3.x
is stronlgy recomended.

Miscelanous notes

Linux note: Sourceforge.net contains only the source
code and Windows/Mac binaries. Packaging of Sqliteman
for your distribution is on your software vendor.
But there are some packages prepared for you already.

Windows Big Fat Note: Setup package will install Sqliteman
into system. Plain zip file can be unpacked anywhere.

Yet Another Note for MS Windows users: I do not use MS
Windows extensively. If you are facing with any problem
let me know to get it working.

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