Sqlite Databases Made Easy

Mysql performance management

Create MySQL database

mysql performance managementTo create a database, click the "Add new database" button in the "Databases" control panel module.

The setup wizard opens and guides you step by step through the setup:

Select the database system in step 1. You can choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL.

In step 2, select the version of the database.

Give the database a name.

Now enter a password for your database in the next step.

mysql performance management

*Note: You can only set one password per database type.

In the next step you will see an overview of the settings you have made.

In the last step, click on Finish to complete the setup.

How do I manage my MySQL database?

The easiest way to manage and maintain your configured MySQL database is the software phpMyAdmin, which you can access directly from your control panel. To start phpMyAdmin, select the "Administration (phpMyAdmin)" action in the "Databases" category via the "Action" field of the corresponding database in the following drop-down menu.

With phpMyAdmin you can manage all database contents:




Alternatively you can manage your databases with external programs, such as the MySQL Workbench from Oracle. To access your database with such programs, you only need to enter the IP address or the hostname of the database server as hostname. You can find all other information in the documentation of the respective program.

Which MySQL versions are available in the hosting packages?

Currently the following MySQL versions are used on the Domaintechnik® Web Hosting Servers:

MySQL Version 8.0.15

MySQL Version 5.7.25

MySQL Version 5.5.60

MySQL Version 5.1.73

MySQL Version 5.0.51a

MySQL Version 4.1.11

MySQL Version 4.0.24

mysql performance managementNote: Make sure to use the correct version for your software!

Information about software information can be found here: Software Versions

MySQL Workbench

Workbench provides extensive functions for MySQL  performance management and other database:



mysql performance managementAll this is necessary for the correct operation of the system, in case of any problems you can contacthttps://www.enteros.com/mysql-performance-management-tool/ where you can get the help you need.The MySQL Workbench extension provides ways to visually edit the databases. It also provides tools for creating, executing, and improving database queries.

It also provides a console that provides a better overview of the databases. For security reasons, you can use MySQL Workbench only if your IP address is allowed as remote access.

You can find a more detailed overview here: MySQL Workbench

MySQL and security

For security reasons it is recommended that you always use the latest version of the database compatible with your software. Using outdated versions is at your own risk!

To provide additional security, we offer access to phpMyAdmin only via our control panel. Extensions like MySQL Workbench are locked against access from external systems. If you need access to MySQL Workbench from an external system or server, you have to release your IP address with the function Manage Remote Access.