Sqlite Databases Made Easy


Download for free.Sqliteman is free to use under terms of General Public License version 2 (GPLv2).

Actually there are two available versions.

A stable one
It's maintained only for bugfixes. No additional features with possible new bugs added.

A development branch called Trunk
It contains a lot of new features and tools. This version is sometimes released as a so called "snapshot" for public usage and -- mainly -- for testing. There can be incoplete localization for your language or some tweaky issues but these snapshots are at least crash-free and data-loss-free.

MS Windows

Download from Sqliteman area at sourceforge.net. You can find there packages named "sqliteman" (it's stable one) and "sqliteman-svn-snapshot". The differences are described above. You don't need any more downloads -- it contains everything required.

MS Windows users can chose two packages. There is only one difference between them -- way of the installation. "Sqliteman-version-Setup.exe" is created as a installer package so you will use well known "next-next-chose path-next-finish" procedure to get it working. The 2nd package "sqliteman-version-win.zip" does not contain any installer. It's prepared as a "unpack and run" for users with no administrator privileges.

Warning: downloadable Sqliteman for MS Windows can be found on the various third party sites. You can not be sure what these packages contains. Everything is propably fine there but there is no content warranty of 3rd party packages. Use official download repository rather.


It's highly propable you have Sqliteman binary package prepared for your distribution. Use this way if it's possible.

Fresh packages for some distributions are prepared in the dedicated repository thanks to the great Opensuse Build Service.

When you cannot find your binary package, try to compile Sqliteman from sources.

Mac OS X

Unfortunately I have no access to any Mac machine. Sqliteman compiles and runs fine on this platform but it has to be provided by third parties.

Other UNIXes

Some reports from users tell that it can be setup on Solaris, Opensolaris, *BSD. It's provided by 3rd parties again.

Source Code

Download a tar.gz from sourceforge.net area or use Subversion client to get the most up to date code. See Development section to know how to get it working.